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Infinity Wellness Center is not your typical chiropractic office. The wealth of knowledge gained at each appointment is immeasurable & the focus is to find the root cause of each pain or symptom. Dr Tim & staff are friendly, compassionate and eager to help each patient discover how to optimize healing & function of the body to live life to its full potential. Invest in your health and schedule an appointment!

- Cathy Shrader

Infinity Wellness is so much more than just another chiropractors office. From the front desk staff to Dr. Tim, there is not one person on the entire staff that doesn't go above and beyond physically, mentally, and spiritually! I consider every single person on staff as close as family. They are 1000% invested not only in my physical recovery but also in my mental health. No matter what kind of a day I'm having (I've had some bad ones), I always walk out feeling better on all aspects. I recommend them to anyone and everyone!

- Joshua Hemmings

One treatment and the very next day I didn't have the numbness on my right arm. I do recommend Dr Cummins and his staff to anyone needing an answer to their physical problems. They are very nice people, always laughing

- Margerita Kaneshiro