About Us

Infinity Wellness Center specializes in customized health, fitness, and nutrition planning. Our skilled coaches have helped thousands achieve their goals. With our holistic approach, compassionate support, and decades of combined experience, we facilitate lasting lifestyle changes. Discover how we can help you thrive!

Winder, you have the power to change your health!

Chiropractic treatment utilizes spinal manipulation to bring the body into proper alignment for optimal health and functioning. When the spine and nervous system communication flow freely, the body’s inborn capacity to heal itself thrives. This hands-on rebalancing serves as integrative medicine’s foundation—the first step of a multidimensional approach for total wellbeing.

At Infinity Wellness Center, our chiropractors prioritize a lifestyle and wholeness philosophy. We provide personalized recommendations to help you actualize lifelong vitality of mind, body and spirit. Proper nutrition, physical activity, stress management and restorative sleep all work synergistically with chiropractic care.

Our center empowers patients with the knowledge to steward their own health destinies. We walk alongside you on the journey toward your fullest expression of wellness potential. With every small step backed by our support system, you gain momentum toward ultimate health goals. Committed self-care brings you fully alive. Let us show you the way.

I aimed to use positive, patient-centered language while emphasizing the clinic's holistic focus beyond spinal adjustments to full lifestyle alignment. Please let me know if you would like any clarification or changes!


Nutrition is an important element of any health program. Nutritional and supplement therapy may help your body flourish, keep you at your ideal weight, and improve your muscle-to-fat ratio. Our chiropractors provide nutritional evaluation and counseling as well as assistance in developing a strategy to better your diet.

Oxygen and Exercise

Exercising on a regular basis will improve your body's oxygen levels, allowing you to fight infection and enhance your energy.

Minimize Toxins

The ability to cleanse your body of persistent pollutants that you may be completely unaware of is another crucial step toward recovery.


Chiropractors may help you develop a positive attitude that can strengthen your mind with practice just as your body can. This may not only enhance your mental outlook, but it may also assist you in managing stress and thinking more clearly in all areas of life.

Tools for Holistic Wellness

Life gets busy. Like many, you may feel stressed, drained, and reach for quick fixes that don’t nourish. Our center provides services to help you regain balance holistically. This wellness journey equips you with tools like:

Spinal Correction

Neurofeedback Therapy

At Home Exerciese

Individualized Exercise Programs

Cellular Detox

Nutritional Guidance

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Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Tim Cummins, Owner, & Lead Doctor

Dr. Tim owns Infinity Wellness Center and is the driving force behind our holistic approach. Though he initially planned for medical school, a transformative personal experience led him to chiropractic instead. Suffering numerous health issues from childhood through young adulthood, he tried conventional treatments like medication for allergies and head/neck pain. The limited relief led him to explore chiropractic care, which produced profound positive changes. Inspired by this integrative method and its potential to help others, he redirected his career path.

Now Dr. Tim’s mission is to empower patients and facilitate their self-healing capabilities. His center provides comprehensive wellness plans customized to address root causes of imbalance. With compassion as the cornerstone, his expertise and coaching support individuals to thrive through optimized alignment of mind, body and lifestyle.