Dr. Tim Cummins

Dr. Tim Cummins, Owner, & Lead Doctor

Dr. Tim owns Infinity Wellness Center, driven by a passion for holistic care after chiropractic transformed his own health. Initially planning for medical school, repeated issues from childhood through young adulthood brought limited relief from conventional treatment. Experiencing chiropractic’s profound impacts firsthand, he felt called to redirect his career and help others in similar need.

After graduating from Life Chiropractic College in 1999, Dr. Tim and his wife Robin settled in Aurora, drawn to serve this vibrant Colorado community. Putting down roots, they’ve raised their family here for over 20 years now.

In that time, Dr. Tim has helped thousands transform their health to levels they didn’t think possible. His commitment to patient education and wellbeing emanates from a mission to equip people with tools for actualizing their fullest potential. Comprehensive chiropractic care integrated with lifestyle alignment allows the body’s inborn wisdom to flourish.

Dr. Tim walks closely with patients on their self-healing journeys with compassion. By addressing root causes of imbalance, he facilitates deep metamorphosis toward an empowered, thriving life.